Thursday, February 21, 2008

an invitation...

based on some discussion at the last writing collaborative meeting, I thought to repost

a new collaborative, multidisciplinary, multilingual blog
project called nuzzled sentence:

You can read more about it on the blog and see what kind of work is
being done there, but basically, it's a melting pot of work based on
the concept of "writing through" James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake." It
includes work in poetry, visual poetry, video poetry/film, audio work,
digital poetry, visual and digital art -- you name it.

We've begun with the Ten Thunderwords from the Wake as the first
artistic "catalyst" and will move on to other excerpts or aspects of
the Wake after that. We post original work, as well as collaborative
pieces done among participants.

I'd like to invite any who are interested in participating to
join us. I'm especially interested in a female take on FW, or "writing
(or re-writing) through" Joyce's text in a woman's voice (female =
anyone who self-identifies as a female). I would also like to
encourage bilingual or multilingual writers and artists who might be
interested to join us. It's not a huge commitment; participation is on
an "as-can," "as-inspired" basis.

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