Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What is praxis? How does critique relate to creativity? Is writing an art? What is a workshop?

Week One
Resources and Reading
Is the writer a reader? Of what? Of what in addition to one’s own writing? Of what in addition to “influences”? Is the workshop a first reader? Where does the idea of “audience” fit in to a written work?

Week Two
The Waste Land, by T.S.Eliot. Footnotes, poems. Allusions, poems.

Week Three
Research and Readings
How could a poem be a reading of a theory, another text, another author?
Why and how could a creative work require information and interpretation?

Week Four
Appropriation and Finding
Found Poetry. Shakespeare, Rezinkoff, Acker.
At the Acedemy of American Poets:

Week Six
Genre and Adaptation
In Granger’s:
Genre: The form of a poem in particular relation to its content. The term encompasses not only pastoral and lyric, which are conventional genres, but also apostrophe, dramatic monologue, nocturne, and so on.

Week Five
Version and Format
Revision is different from version. Lessons from software version control. The police in different voices. Format – utterly different from form. Presentation of content.

Week Seven
Medium / Message
Writing Intermedia and multimedia poetry. Beyond form. Diverse influences (of technology, visual art, music) and ways they mean.
Marshall McLuhan, Quentin Fiore, The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects

Week Eight
Context / Situation
Situationist International Text Library

Week Nine
Translation I: Language to Language
Anne Carson, Jen Hofer
Various Sapphos
Week Ten

Translation II: English to English
Zukofsky’s Catullus. Pound’s Sextus Propertius.
Parallel Rewriting
Homolinguistic Translation

Week Eleven
Translation III: Poetry to Prose, Prose to Poetry
The special cases of Russian Poetry. Baudelaire and Rimbaud.

Week Twelve
Flarf, Google Sculpting, Various Software Machines

Week Thirteen
Ars Poetica and Back
critique, self understanding, polemic
Charles Olson, “Projective Verse”
Frank O’Hara, “Personism”

Week Fourteen
on Method and Process

Week Fifteen
Introduction to Final Projects

Week Sixteen
Submission of Final Projects

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