Sunday, February 10, 2008


New writers coming to class Tuesday will lead us to adjust the course description, baseline reading, means of discussion... as we reconvene as a "master class" workshop with genre blur. We're going to maintain our application of search, research, translation, adaptation, version, poesis (making) to writing. As I mentioned last workshop, tho, our definition of "poetics" will be broad, our focus on great writing as we find it, preparing folks for professional and academic programs, continual...

The organizing principle of this writing workshop is original writing’s relationship to source. In this age of remix, sample, cover, and mashup, we will consider praxis. In this era of translation and mistranslation, adaptation and remake, we will discover poesis. As we read our own new creative work, we will ask how process and procedure affect meaning, discuss ways to begin defining a writing practice, and seek means to achieving art.

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